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Can Surgery INCREASE Your Risk Of Getting Arthritis?

Dec12th 2014

Here’s What You Should Know… The meniscus is a cartilage cushion between your femur (big leg bone) and tibia (smaller leg bone) The meniscus can get damaged or torn in traumatic and sports related injuries or it can get “worn down” resulting in a tear from chronic degeneration Surgery is a typical course of action

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Do You Have A Wristband Activity Tracker?

Nov27th 2014

Lately I’ve noticed that more and more of my physical therapy patients are wearing activity tracker wristbands. Devices like Jawbone and FitBit. You may have seen them too… Or maybe you OWN one. Today I came across a journal article that examines the automated feedback provided by these devices and the behavior change techniques associated with

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Exercise Helps Decrease Pain and Increase Function For People With Hip Arthritis

Sep28th 2014

I’m always excited when research confirms something that I’ve seen first-hand in my physical therapy clinic. In this case – new research shows that an exercise program can help patients with hip osteoarthritis. The program (called the Tübingen exercise approach) resulted in a statistically significant decrease in pain and an improvement in physical function as

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