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Aug13th 2014

My 2 Secret Kinesiotape Tips To Decrease Knee Pain

Kinesiotape has been around for more than 25 years. I’ve been a licenced and practicing physical therapist for over 17 years… And up until 6 years ago I had never even heard of it! I was speaking at a national conference in Dallas. Before my session started I was walking in the hall outside of

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Physical Therapy For Shoulder Pain – Better Than Injections?

Aug6th 2014

As a practicing Physical Therapist, shoulder pain is the 3rd most common problem I treat.(Just in case you were wondering, back pain and shoulder pain are the 1st and 2nd most common) So I found this new research study to be very interesting. It looked at the cost of healthcare (amount of healthcare resources) used

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Arvada Physical Therapy Clinic for Knee Pain

Dec6th 2013

Do You Suffer from Knee Pain? There are many causes for knee pain.  It’s very important to find out what the cause of your knee pain is… This is called getting a diagnosis. Without a diagnosis you might be tempted to start doing something to get rid of your knee pain… But it might be

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