Trey M.

Oct13th 2020

David Berman saved me from constant pain. I injured my back when I was T-Boned while I was driving through an intersection. I came to him with severe back pain that radiated up to my head, down to my legs, and I have had complications with losing feeling in my extremities. His methods are much more effective than the other therapists I have seen. I always leave his office feeling better than when I came in. Although I am not completely healed yet, I know that I have not wasted one appointment with David. He has helped me recover from the most severe injury that I have ever had.

He is very personable and I look forward to my appointments not only for the treatment, but for the conversation. I have never had that awkward silence that I experienced with other therapists. He always asks how I am feeling and adjusts that day’s routine to accommodate my response.

If you are injured, or require Physical Therapy in the Denver area, David Berman is the man you need.