Diane H.

Oct13th 2020

I went to David after my second hip surgery, based on some research I had done, and I was grateful that I did! I had used a different PT after my first THR surgery and honestly there was no comparison. My recovery with David's help was much easier and more complete than my first one.

Virginia M.

Oct13th 2020

I wasn't sure I would ever walk without a cane, so when I awoke one morning and didn't require support of the cane, I was so grateful for Dr. Berman's professional help in regaining the strength in my leg.

Trey M.

Oct13th 2020

David Berman saved me from constant pain. I injured my back when I was T-Boned while I was driving through an intersection. I came to him with severe back pain that radiated up to my head, down to my legs, and I have had complications with losing feeling in my extremities. His methods are much more effective than the other therapists I have seen. I always leave his office feeling better than when I came in.