Category: Shoulder

Chris P.

Oct13th 2020

Last year I slipped on the ice and jammed my arm into my shoulder socket. On my first visit, David was able to determine the extent of my injury and immediately started working on getting movement back with my arm. In just a few appointments I was getting my range of motion back and I wasn't feeling "stuck" anymore.

Nicole T.

Oct13th 2020

David identified my specific issue within the first few minutes of my first visit. His knowledge of the body's inter-workings give him an ease of diagnosis and treatment that I found impressive. My pain decreased rapidly and we were working toward improved range of motion within a couple of visits.

Dan H.

Oct13th 2020

David knew right away how to proceed with treating my shoulder, and he explained how it was all going to work right up front. Good communications, very professional, and very caring!