Category: Motor Vehicle

Trey M.

Oct13th 2020

David Berman saved me from constant pain. I injured my back when I was T-Boned while I was driving through an intersection. I came to him with severe back pain that radiated up to my head, down to my legs, and I have had complications with losing feeling in my extremities. His methods are much more effective than the other therapists I have seen. I always leave his office feeling better than when I came in.

Oct13th 2020

Sarah B.

I saw David 2 years after an intense car accident and attempts to heal with other physical therapists had not solved the problems. My pain became long term and chronic and David was able to help me feel better than I have felt in 2.5 years!

Elyssa W.

Oct13th 2020

I had a bad car accident 6 months ago and was on foot and got hit by a car resulting in a broken tibia and fibula, which had to be repaired with a plate and screws. Kelly was amazing throughout my recovery and helped me get back to driving, walking, working out, off of my crutches, out of my boot, and back to life.