Category: Back

Oct13th 2020

Owen H.

I went to David with low back pain and it is almost completely gone from just a few short sessions.

Oct13th 2020

Justin M.

David has been my manual therapist for a number of years now. He was able to completely fix my chronic back pain from an old snowboarding injury for good. This after seeing a number of "specialist", chiropractors, and other physical therapist for YEARS with no long term relief or answers.

Oct13th 2020

Sara T.

I have seen him a few times over the past year when I've tweaked my back and he's been able to treat the problem efficiently in a single session and with results that last. He doesn't try to waste your time by coming up with a laundry list of physical ailments that need to be fixed ($$$) like some PTs do, just gets straight to the point to get you back to your daily life.