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Jaime Swanson Jul1st 2021

Jaime Swanson, DPT

Jaime always knew that she wanted to do something that involved working with others and helping people in need. Also, since experiencing Physical Therapy as a teenager, she was able to see how these professionals were directly changing people’s lives.  She also finds the complex machine — the human body — very compelling. She especially

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David Berman Oct13th 2020

David Berman, MS, PT, COMT, CSCS

David Berman is the founder of Arvada Physical Therapy Professionals and is a licensed and practicing Physical Therapist. He has practiced exclusively in Orthopedics specializing in the application and development of ultra-effective Manual Therapy and Therapeutic Exercise techniques for muscle and joint pand and dysfunction. David has worked with professional athletes for over two decades,

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