Orthopedic Joint Manipulation Arvada, CO

Orthopedic Joint Manipulation

Help Your Joints Move Freely Once Again with Orthopedic Joint Manipulation

Are your joints paining you? If so, orthopedic joint manipulation can help.

Orthopedic joint manipulation is a type of manual physical therapy that helps mobilize the joints to ease pain, decrease muscle guarding, and improve movement.

The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists defines manual treatments such as orthopedic joint manipulation as:

“Skilled hand movements intended to produce any or all of the following effects: improve tissue extensibility; increase range of motion of the joint complex; mobilize or manipulate soft tissues and joints; induce relaxation; change muscle function; modulate pain; and reduce soft tissue swelling, inflammation or movement restriction.”

If your joints are painful or uncomfortable and you are looking for relief, we can help with the mobilization techniques you need. Contact Arvada Physical Therapy Professionals today to consult with one of our Arvada Physical Therapists and discover the many ways orthopedic joint manipulation can benefit you.

Orthopedic joint injuries, defined

Before we can describe our physical therapy services, it is important to define exactly what an orthopedic joint injury is. An orthopedic injury is any injury that results in damage to the musculoskeletal system (the muscles and bones and ligaments and tendons and joints in your body) as a result of some trauma or accident. Therefore, an orthopedic joint injury would focus on trauma sustained specifically to the joints.

If you are noticing pain in your joint(s), don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started on a physical therapy treatment plan. With orthopedic joint manipulation, we can help make your recovery process as smooth and quick as possible.

How will orthopedic joint manipulation help relieve my joint pain?

Our Arvada Physical Therapists are movement experts who are all highly trained in the mobilization techniques of orthopedic joint manipulation. These techniques can help your muscles and joints function normally once again, while also improving your musculoskeletal health, decreasing pain, and allowing for full range of motion.

To determine the best orthopedic joint manipulation techniques for your needs, your Physical Therapist will need to know about the severity/location of joint pain you are experiencing, the times of day when the pain is worse, any tasks or motions that seem to exacerbate the pain, and any physical activities that you engage in on a regular basis.

At your initial visit, your Physical Therapist will likely run you through a series of simple tests. These will be done to test your range of motion, joint mobility, and posture. This information will be used to help create a customized orthopedic joint manipulation regimen that will help to relieve joint pain, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and support joint function overall.

Get started today

Still, living with painful or stiff joints? Our orthopedic joint manipulation services can help! At Arvada Physical Therapy Professionals, it is our goal to get you moving freely once again. Contact our Arvada Physical Therapy office to get started.